Enterprise Plc

The design brief for the new office accommodation at Liverpool’s Enterprise Plc required the development to be both cost effective to run and a pleasant working environment for employees.

In response, a narrow plan form was developed which maximises the use of natural light and the ability to use natural cross ventilation. Due to the high quantity of computer equipment used, mixed mode mechanical ventilation has been provided to ‘peak lop’ high summer temperatures.

The external fenestration has been designed to maximise the benefits of high and low level ventilation across the office floor plate through the use of full height ventilation hopper openings. In addition, the architectural expression of each façade has been designed to address the solar shading requirements specific to that elevation.

To reduce low sun solar gain on the east-west facing elevations, the north–south orientated block has been expressed using a colonnade treatment on the east and west elevations. Conversely, the east-west orientated block has been articulated using horizontal bris soleil to cater for the high aspect solar gain experienced on the south elevation.