Carys Bannister

Recreating the form and aesthetic of a 1960’s building, the project also carefully considered the context of the listed building that it was extending.

The remodeling defines a new entrance through the removal of two bays of the original cladding, extends a new circulation route through the building, and breaks into a previously hidden courtyard to create a new five-storey lift shaft and stair. This vertical circulation unifies all the floors of the building, making it accessible.

The five-storey lift shaft provides an air path by which the whole building is ventilated. This was facilitated by the inclusion of manually operated vents in each room that contain acoustic and weather proof ventilation louvres.

Designed to deliver a BREEAM rating of ‘Very Good’, a site waste management plan was produced alongside a careful specification of materials in order to minimise site waste.


BREEAM Very Good