Retail Park Re-Brand

Wilson Mason produced a design for the Crown Point Retail Park re-brand. The idea was to create an aspirational outlook for both the centre and visitors, lifting the profile of the existing buildings and consequently stimulating redevelopment in this corner of the development and the wider Crown Point retail park.

The canopy soffits and structural supports were formed from timber which maintained continuity with the existing park canopy soffits. The organic materials, detailing, and form of the proposal incorporated non-vertical elements and a range of timber species to provide diversity and visual interest across the development.

The stores to either side of the corner store incorporated covered colonnade spaces which encourage visitors to dwell and be drawn in to the stores. The colonnade produced a presence to this corner of Crown Point, creating a distinctive, simple, and elegant identity. The removal of the existing low-level canopy and the introduction of mezzanine level glazing visually connected the mezzanine level with the park and maximised daylight penetration from the east facing glazing. The enhanced visibility in to the stores also provided the opportunity for increased display and branding.