Manchester Museum ‘Kickstart’

The project forms part of Manchester Museum’s transformational capital development ‘Hello Future’. The Kickstart project reinvents the entrance area and connected spaces, providing improved visitor facilities with a focus on inclusive, age-friendly and accessible design.

Wilson Mason were lead designer in collaboration with subconsultant interior designers, The Artistry House, designing and delivering the critical non-gallery spaces encompassing the entrance area, café, picnic area, main hall and pop-up coffee bar, belonging gallery, prayer room and museum shop.

The scheme unites all the disparate areas into a luxurious, inclusive, accessible and welcoming public space. Taking inspiration from the building’s history, this reimaging of the museum blends old and new elements into a cohesive design. The completed design creates a museum where ‘everybody is welcome’ with unobstructed interior spaces which encourage longer stays and frequent visits, whilst giving the museum character and sense of place. By integrating the museums traditional architecture with contemporary, environmentally conscious and sustainable furniture, with clear vision across the spaces to highlight high-impact objects.

BIID Award North & North West 2023