The project involved the fit-out of a pre-constructed shell for Booths Supermarket. Using the 3D steel fabricators IFC model and 2D CAD drawings, the existing shell was modelled in Revit. Through the use of these programmes, the team was able to accurately model the fit-out with a clear understanding of the existing structure and the junctions between old and new, hence minimising the time on site and limiting the number of unknowns in the delivery of the project.

Families within the model were created to represent the standard fixtures and fittings used by the client based on supplier’s information and these families have been stored for use in future schemes. The Revit model was made accessible by the design team through the use of online storage and cloud technology, with the data provided allowing coordination between the structural, mechanical, and electrical elements of the design.

The model has been exported into various 3D imaging packages for use in presentations and it has also been used to undertake sun path analysis due to the design of the existing heavily glazed façade.