Lucas Furniture Aylesbury

The bespoke showroom provides a new destination store for Aylesbury, complete with a coffee shop and extensive external landscaping with parking facilities. The project embraces a contemporary, timeless design with a strong, recognizable identity for Lucas Furniture. In addition to the showroom, the site includes a distribution centre, adding to the dynamic mix of commercial activity for the masterplanned site.

Sustainability and limiting environmental impact have guided much of the design. The building envelope, site layout, and form maximise daylight for the store interior and support low energy passive environmental strategies. The spacious interior has also been designed to enhance the customer’s retail experience. The materials for the outlet reflect the heritage and high-quality products associated with the furniture store, creating an attractive development with fine detailing.

In addition to the carefully selected detailing and orientation of the building to conserve energy, photovoltaic panels are incorporated at roof level to generate energy for use within the building. The energy generated on site by these panels will limit the long-term environmental impact of the development.

Wilson Mason developed a design which adapts the recent movement towards experiential leisure led retail. A key focus was to attract customers to visit the store over ordering online, as well as increasing the amount of time customers spend in store, by creating a brand universe retail and leisure hybrid site.