ISS Data Centre

The creation of a data centre presents its own distinct challenges, one of these being dispersing the equipment heat gains that are produced.

A highly sustainable solution to the problem has been developed through the utilisation of natural ventilation and a high thermal mass. Where heat gain is significant, a mix of water cooling and ambient ventilation has been provided as mitigation. Adopting both established and inventive responses, the project developed a low energy advanced manufacturing building that is highly energy efficient.

“The innovative roof and the many windows offer lots of natural light […] The combination of areas with desks, break-out areas and meeting rooms gives many different kinds of opportunities for collaboration […] Access control system allows us to control access to different parts of the building at different times of day—so the key assets […] remain secure, while we work in an adjoining, open friendly environment.” Andrew Meikle, Head of Corporate Information Services at ISS.


BREEAM Excellent