Advanced Manufacturing Facility

The design for this advanced manufacturing facility includes a focus on delivering physically uninterrupted production space. The omission of gutters and opportunities for water penetration also reduces the impact of future maintenance.

The new development located on an established advanced manufacturing site houses five axis milling machines, each with a foot print of 10 x 12m on a structural base up to 1.6 metres deep capable of accommodating 70 KN dynamic loads and a 30 KN UDL. The services feeding the machines are routed overhead to enable easy installation and maintenance as well as to avoid contamination of buried services in the slab.

Wilson Mason delivered a number of key elements as part of their life cycle cost review. These being a 10% sustainable energy provision, a shell that is seamless and low maintenance, no high-level access for maintenance, continuous standing seam roof, no roof penetrations, no eaves gutters, buildability optimised through roof sheeting rolled on site, and provision for future extension.


BREEAM Very Good