Academy for Skills and Knowledge

The Academy for Skills and Knowledge (ASK) situated on the Samlesbury Enterprise Zone sits alongside advanced manufacturing centres.  The training academy is the single largest investment in skills for the UK’s aerospace sector.

ASK has 26 light and airy classroom facilities and is designed to mirror the latest advanced manufacturing technologies and factory layouts; it also acts as a collaborative skills-hub for the North West’s engineering and manufacturing sector. The project provides offices and welfare facilities to support the management and occupation of the development which includes conferencing and exhibition spaces for hosting events and awareness programmes for schools. Workshop accommodation has been created to support fabrications, welding and fitting, carbon composite fabrication, machinery, and all avionics and industrial laboratory activities.

Consultation with the client enabled greater detail to be developed around the user’s requirements in response to changes in the initial brief, defining the accommodation requirements and association relationships including architectural and complex building services requirements.

The clean simple lines of the envelope are articulated to correspond with the efficient character of the manufactured components. The form of the new training facility uses simple forms for both the main workshop, teaching area and the smaller hangar.  The location has been maintained adjacent to the main entrance to the Samlesbury Enterprise Zone site to ensure prime visibility to visitors, apprentices and employees.