Heritage and Conservation

Our unique heritage solutions breathe new life into historic settings, creating a seamless blend of design excellence within traditional buildings.

We strive to understand each building’s individual story, this allows us to unlock or sensitively transform historic buildings, whilst preserving each building’s individual character. Driven by exploration, we delve deeply into history through meaningful research, to help our clients understand the potential of their buildings, and to realise and enhance their significance. Our designs are anchored by the current and future user experience. We place considerable importance in achieving a detailed analysis of each project brief and a clear understanding of our client’s aspirations.

Wilson Mason understand the unique challenges that heritage buildings can present, we have specialist knowledge regarding detailing, materials and safety standards. We believe re-use, reimagining and recycling of buildings is a method of limiting our collective environmental impact. Allied with carefully considered efficiency improvements, we regularly deliver long term sustainable assets for our clients.

We pride ourselves on the team’s creative imagination and flair, allowing us to unveil history, or sympathetically modernise where necessary. We offer architectural services for the repair and alteration of historic buildings, as well as the design of new buildings within historical settings.

We pair our unique expertise with intense curiosity, to sensitively re-imagine our built heritage, retaining the best of the past, whilst simultaneously welcoming the future.