Snow Fox Ward

The Children’s Planned Care Unit (CPCU) was relocated to Block 8 in St. Thomas’ Hospital, London to increase their bed pool for acute and high dependency inpatients. Previously housed within nearby Evelina East Wing, and part of a wider expansion project for Evelina Hospital, the new Snow Fox Ward offers a bright space for children, and a more efficient working environment with the creation of 19 treatment areas for planned care services.

Building constraints and spatial limitations due to the narrow plan of the existing building proved challenging with regards to the HMB requirements detailed in the initial brief. The team benchmarked against other recently completed children’s facilities, carrying out joint visits to discuss bespoke solutions for the project.  Successful liaison with the client and stakeholders during the design stages and positive user consultation resulted in a number of options being raised and an innovative layout agreed.

In the early briefing the location of the waiting area was positioned to maximise the views of the River Thames, and provide interest and relaxation for visitors to the unit.  This however placed the waiting area some distance from the main entrance which had potential to cause disruption for the unit. Wilson Mason presented an innovative solution to create an additional reception area immediately adjacent to the main entrance and an introduction of ‘staging posts’ along the corridor, coloured to match the adjacent beds and chairs.  The amendments were adopted by the client, providing improved flow of the unit and a much better use of space.

Shortlisted for Building Better Healthcare Awards Best Interior Design Project (Refurbishment) Announced 30th October 2019