School of Pharmacy

The School of Pharmacy is one of the leading providers of undergraduate pharmacy education in the country. Wilson Mason’s aim for the project was to create new facilities for the School that would provide them with the scope and flexibility to meet current and future teaching requirements as well as the new MPharm curriculum.

During design development, it became clear that the required asbestos removal and associated infrastructure upgrade was significant, so the project was split into two phases in order to ensure that teaching facilities could operate from the start of the academic year.

Phase One, located on the first floor, provides teaching accommodation for up to fifty students, in facilities designed to allow the students to develop their dispensary and consultation skills. Significant audiovisual installations have been integrated into the scheme to allow for role-play scenarios to be captured and then played back for analysis and discussion.

Phase Two delivers laboratory facilities in general instrumentation and chemistry work along with CAT 2 facilities for a total of 150 students.