Haematology Daycare Unit

The entire fourth floor of Guy’s Tower was reconfigured to provide an open plan day unit with supporting rooms including Phlebotomy and associated staff office facilities.

The Clinical Haematology Department provides an outpatient clinic for conditions such as meyloproliferative disorder (MPD), general haematology (anaemia, haemachromatosis, low platelets), thrombosis, and red cell disorders. Many patients are seen in clinic to then have a procedure performed on the day unit, with patients attending the day unit on an ad hoc basis with possible resultant procedure. The majority of non-sickle cell admissions are made via the day unit.

The Haematology Daycare Unit at St Thomas’ provides facilities for a number of procedures including bone marrows, red cell and plasma exchange, blood transfusion, chemotherapy, and intravenous iron transfusions.

The objectives of the department are to strive for the best possible environment in which to treat patients, enable patients to have access to the latest treatments for their conditions, and to provide the highest quality supportive care to patients and their carers.