Clinical Trials Unit

The Manchester Cancer Research Centre creates a centre for excellence in cancer research and treatment. The new facility contains laboratory accommodation for research groups as well as write up, administration, and office accommodation for the relocated Clinical Trials Unit from The Christie. It also features academic offices and a publicly accessible lecture theatre and bistro.

The laboratory spaces are contained in three two-storey pavilions, each supported by plant at third floor, which has been designed to NHS technical memoranda.

Collaboration and integration was a key challenge. The design approach sought to maximise opportunities for interaction between teams from different organisations, including the promotion of increased opportunity for accidental meetings. The Christie CTU occupies the entire top floor and shares an entrance with the rest of the building. This shared entrance provides opportunities for interaction without compromising required confidentiality and security.

As well as the expansion of research activity, the new MCRC building will also be pivotal in creating a recruitment incentive to attract additional world class researchers in a deeply competitive international marketplace.