Management School Major Redevelopment

A major redevelopment and expansion project for the existing Management School estate. Internationally recognised as a centre of excellence for teaching and research in Business Management, the university embarked on this ambitious journey to deliver a world class student institute, equal to the world leading status.

The scope of works reinvents the 1970’s university building, to create a striking new entrance leading to an assortment of collaborative and independent study settings, as well as a rich variety of office, teaching and seminar accommodation. Alongside this, the design incorporates an innovative and vibrant extension to create a new build ‘hub’ circulation link between the existing buildings, complete with a generous new outdoor ‘learning courtyard’ and coffee and food outlets.

The redevelopment maximises the potential of the estate’s learning space, whilst upgrading the faculty circulation routes to be easily accessible by all, adding quantifiable value to the Management School. The works create a welcoming complex to enhance external engagement with businesses, and the design allows for adaptation to changing educational and technological needs and predicted faculty growth over the coming years.

This flagship sustainable development provides a low carbon building complex with a natural passive environmental design which integrates with the surrounding landscape. These features were key to the development of the design in order to collectively promote well being and align with the university’s world class leading environmental aims and objectives.