InQuiry Building

The InQuiry Building is a new student focused building at the heart of the Hope Park Campus.

Designed as a ‘library without books’ and planned around a central social core, the dynamic combination of triple height, double height and single storey spaces create a bright, warm and welcoming environment, where students can come together to study, share ideas and work collaboratively. It is an inspirational and enabling space which strives to maximise learning opportunities for the students.

As users move up to the first and second floors, the building continues to unfold culminating in a triple height top lit space which floods the building with natural light. The lightwell is colonised at each level providing opportunities for interaction for all building users. Key functions are located in and around the lightwell to ensure the space remains animated and occupied.

The building provides flexible accommodation that is both multi-use and multi-occupancy, creating a range of work and study areas which offer a hierarchy of privacy. The layout recognises the ‘organic’ nature of progress with technology and teaching practice. It provides an ‘adaptable’ solution that allows for the elevation of technology and use, and the ebb and flow of educational activities.

Designed predominantly as a student space, with comfortable ‘sticky’ zones where students naturally gravitate to work together, study and create. The building’s central social core incorporates a bank of raked incidental seating for day-to-day informal use along with more formal gatherings, presentations or performances and to encourage a sense of ‘student ownership’ and facilitate interaction, collaboration and social learning.

The building features a naturally ventilated atrium with integrated low carbon technologies throughout, which ensure low cost long-life energy use.