Highgate School Dining Hall

Built in the 1960’s the original brick building housing Highgate School’s dining hall and kitchen required a complete renovation and thoughtful and contemporary refurbishment.

The school’s aspirations for the project were to service not only the Highgate students but to cater public and private events as part of their long-term business goals.

With this in mind the interior and exterior refurbishment included an extension to the existing building, installation of a commercial kitchen and a new open covered veranda roof structure to the south front of the dining hall.

The exterior design utilised red cedar cladding to harmonise the new and old, seamlessly integrating the existing building with the new extension and rooftop plant room and drastically improving the elevations, reviving an old building that would have otherwise been demolished bringing it sensitively into the 21st century.

The modern interior is flooded with natural light providing a bright and welcoming dining hall and servery with views through to the food preparation area allowing the students a clear understanding of the food journey, work involved and the team delivering the lunch service.

Hotel style self-service food islands complete the high-quality finish and sleek look, whilst providing the students with the opportunity to be more self sufficient as they advance through the school.

Executive Architect Wilson Mason LLP

Principal Designer Ed Toovey

Photography by Chris Hopkinson