Department of Chemistry

This project design provides efficient and flexible teaching and research functionality for the new Department of Chemistry, with opportunities to maximise interaction and collaboration between the different user groups.

Changes to the exterior of the building have been managed to enhance the existing campus context through the use of campus standard materials and by keeping additions to the existing buildings at an appropriate scale.

The refurbished buildings are designed to provide class leading teaching laboratory and office accommodation for Synthetic Chemistry, Non- Synthetic Chemistry, and Computational Chemistry.

The existing layout is improved by creating visual connections between the laboratory and office accommodation through the provision of glazed partitions to either side of the central corridor. This also provides improved daylight penetration into the central areas of the existing building. To augment interaction and enhance flexibility, the majority of non-laboratory related clerical spaces have been located on the ground floor. These spaces are naturally ventilated and provide an active nucleus for the department.

The more heavily serviced accommodation has been located on the floors above where write up and data analysis areas are also provided in an open plan setting, allowing light to pass through the building and views across the interior spaces.

The project expanded and strengthened the existing teaching facilities, adding significant value to the university; including increased attraction to the science department and university, and improved quality of teaching and learning space, subsequently driving creativity, ambition and innovation.

BREEAM Excellent