Coupland Buildings

The Coupland project incorporates a number of conjoined developments including the Grade II listed Alfred Waterhouse Coupland, Pharmacy, and Schunck buildings which are located to the rear quadrangle of the historical cluster of University buildings. The project commenced with a study in to the building’s origins in order to establish the framework for the Heritage Impact Assessment. This has been developed to inform and shape the final design, which has gained listed building consent.

The envelope and interior refurbishment proposal seeks to refurbish and revitalise the collected buildings’ disparate arrangement, and provide them with a contemporary circulation framework. The inclusion of new entrances and improved wayfinding re-establish the buildings as a centre for the delivery of contemporary higher education. A key aim for the upgrading and alteration of the buildings is to use minimal interventions to create usable and sustainable spaces for current and medium term educational trends.

The lower ground floor is to be brought back in to use for centrally bookable teaching space, with the upper floors providing a mix of support facilities, administration, and seminar spaces. A driver in establishing the area usage is to efficiently utilise the existing structure and layout to minimise disruption to the historically significant interior.