Designing for discovery

At Wilson Mason, we believe architecture has the power to change the world. Design goes beyond meeting people’s needs; it changes how we think and feel. Combining technical innovation with design excellence, we uncover inspirational, cost effective buildings that enhance the lives of those who experience them.

Our rare expertise has been shaped by our well-established relationship with science and research. We hold a wealth of intelligence and experience that we apply to a range of specialist sectors including science, education, healthcare, workplace, manufacturing, and retail. By manipulating space, colour, material, sound and light we produce spaces that seamlessly blend architectural logic with architectural poetry. Our designs amplify the sensory experience, scripting the interaction between people and space.

Our approach is open, interactive and collaborative. Considerable importance is placed on achieving a detailed analysis of the brief, as well as developing a clear understanding of our client’s aspirations. We breathe curiosity, viewing problems only as opportunities. We transform our client’s vision into a bespoke solution and measure design excellence through client success.

Environmental, social and economic factors are all integral to our work. Our close association with pioneering enterprises impacts the buildings, spaces, and environments we create. By continually investing in and refining our systems, we can ensure that we draw on the latest technical expertise to execute our ideas to the highest possible standard.