Furness Main Residences

Wilson Mason finalised the practical completion of renovation works to Lancaster University’s Furness Main Residences student accommodation in time for their autumn 2023 student Arrivals Weekend and Welcome Week. The building, situated close to Alexandra Square, is in the heart of the university campus.

The works formed part of the University’s ongoing drive to reconfigure redundant office space into new student residential accommodation. The 60-room redevelopment works saved 87% of embedded carbon (784 tonnes) compared to a new build. The new development also better integrated residents with the social and welfare facilities on offer on the ground floor of the building such as the bar, TV lounge and common room, bringing life into the setting and addressing the demands of an increasing student population at the University and the expectation for high quality accommodation.

A sustainable design approach was applied to this refurbishment project to reinforce the University’s own sustainability commitment and carbon management plan. The existing floor layout and room subdivisions were incorporated and utilised within the proposed layouts wherever possible, minising demolition and reconfiguration costs. This intelligent adaptive reuse of existing structures and assets was paramount to reduce offsite waste and minimise life cycle costs.