Future Proofing Historic Building

Wilson Mason is part of the team providing resilience to the drainage system serving the Grade II listed Coupland 3 Building at the University of Manchester.

Aging drainage systems can be problematic in the post global warming environment, they are not glamorous but it is necessary.

To mitigate this issue and prevent any further future flood damage, recent major earthworks adjacent to and serving the building have been undertaken. These will house a pump chamber containing a 7m diameter concrete attenuation drainage containment tank.

The concrete pump chamber is due to be crane installed imminently into the 7m earthworks excavation. The chamber will become a lowest point in the local surface water drainage network, providing attenuation and mitigating potential flood risk into the Coupland 3 lower ground floor, which is undergoing complete refurbishment works.

The University is committed to caring for its history and heritage and this small feat of civil engineering will help to preserve the building for future generations.