Our route to Carbon Neutral

Over the past several years, alongside delivering low and net zero carbon construction projects for our clients, Wilson Mason has been measuring and continuously monitoring our impact on the environment and actively working to reduce our carbon footprint through significant changes to our working practices and offices.

By committing to reduce our energy consumption through initiatives such as practice wide low energy lighting, energy efficient office equipment and securing green utilities contracts. Reducing excessive print waste, with a ‘self-check’ on unnecessary printing, opting out of unwarranted hardcopy magazine publications, mailers and flyers and recycling all paper waste created and reducing travel and adopting virtual meetings as the norm and efficient scheduling for ‘in person’ meetings, aligned with travel to and from work.

We then offset our limited residual carbon emissions to become a Carbon Neutral Business, a statement the Practice is incredibly proud of.

Engaging with Carbon Neutral Britain, through the Carbon Neutral Britain Climate Fund™ which support projects around the world that have both a direct and indirect impact and, alongside offsetting, support education, employment and clean water and have a net positive impact on local wildlife and ecology.

Wilson Mason is committed to continue to monitor and implement further reduction strategies to do its part in the wider construction industry’s drive for net zero, to support its employees and inspire clients on their own path to Carbon Neutrality.

Photo: Salkhit Wind Farm