Aspiring Architects

Practice Partner, Dominique Haslam and Associate Architect, Paul McManamon were on hand supporting North Bridge House Schools Senior Hampstead year 9 careers fair this week.

With GCSE selection fast approaching Wilson Mason set up stall to talk about the route into architecture, the most enjoyable parts of the job, other roles in the construction industry and provided the opportunity for students to try their hand at Revit and explore their design skills.

The students posed some interesting questions and covered the whole range of those with a broad direction of travel and some with a very clear understanding of their career path. Hopefully we didn’t put too many off with 7 years to qualify!

Generally, we are in a fortunate position to be able to talk about our chosen career, and that life can take twists and turns – trying your hardest and preparing for exams is obviously encouraged, but if things do go wrong that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road. There are always options and different paths into your chosen career.

Dominique noted. “It was certainly a great experience sharing our individual routes into architecture, subjects we studied, as well as project work past and present. There are so many roles within the construction industry there really is something for everyone, so we didn’t just stick to architecture in our discussions.

It’s difficult to express how fast 7 years goes to a 14-year-old and we didn’t even get started on the project presentations and crits. It’s always a pleasure to talk about work that you love… even when you are asked ‘what’s the worst bit? …The answer is door schedules by the way!