A Welcome Return

We are delighted to welcome back Krupal Patel, following a years sabbatical from the world of architecture.

She rejoins the team as an Architect in our London studio, rejuvenated and ready to reimmerse herself into all things architecture and design. Krupal has a particular interest in Healthcare having previously delivered The Snow Fox Ward (Children’s Planned Care Unit at St. Thomas’ Hospital London) and currently working on live projects at Barts NHS Trust.

The team did spot an obvious difference upon her return… as Krupal has grown and donated a substantial 18” of her hair to the The Little Princess Trust, as part of their ongoing work in providing real hair wigs for young people and children. 

Krupal explained “Mum has been fighting cancer for the last 3 years- she lost her beautiful long, black hair in 2019 whilst on chemotherapy. I came across the Little Princess Trust whilst searching for wigs and that was when I decided that I would grow my hair and donate it to the charity. Mum’s hair grew back after a year to its original glory but this is not the case for everyone. Illness can make a person lose their identity and that’s why I felt it so important to support LPT with their cause of helping young children fighting cancer hold on to their growing identities.”