User Experience – Snow Fox

Amazing feedback received from a parent of a Snow Fox patient;

“It is no exaggeration that Snow Fox has changed our lives.  We first visited in June 2019 for our baby daughter’s second ever blood transfusion, during a very hard time for us as a family.  Stepping on to the ward was a revelation – nobody thinks of hospitals, least of all paediatric wards, as uplifting spaces, but Snow Fox challenged all our preconceptions.  We love how the design works with the features of this historic building of St Thomas’ with its arched windows and flood of natural light; we love the use of colour, of illuminated ceiling tiles, of animal illustrations with witty slogans a different one in each bay.  As she gets older, we notice our daughter finding different aspects of these stimulating; it’s a familiar place that grows with her.  The space is designed to make everyone who uses it, from patients and their parents to the wonderful staff, feel at ease and even proud to be there.  We didn’t believe that we could ever feel happy taking our child to hospital for routine life-saving treatment, but we genuinely do, and we have Snow Fox to thank.  She’s had over 40 transfusions there now and we feel grateful for it every day.”