Midleton Industrial Redevelopment, Guildford, Phases 2-3

Following the completion of the demolition and enabling package, works on site for the construction of phase 2-3 of the Midleton Industrial Redevelopment begin in earnest.

Amiri Construction Limited have set up site and commenced ground works associated with the development that will provide a diverse mix of light industrial accommodation within these phases and is due for completion in summer 2021.

Site set up in place with distancing and facilities to ensure a safe construction site, covid-19 safety and in line with Network Rail requirements.

Wilson Mason have been working since 2018 with Guildford Borough Council on Master Planning,  phase 1 and now 2-3, with direct appointment as contractors designer during the current works on site. Phase 4 is currently in planning, and will provide the final phase in the redevelopment, providing a contemporary and coherent look and feel to the Industrial Zone and offering opportunity of flexible and expandable accommodation for tenants as their businesses grow and develop.