The proposal for a new furniture store creates a strong, recognisable identity within a contemporary, timeless design. The proposed materials reflect the high-quality products associated with the furniture store, providing an attractive development with fine detailing.

In addition to the show room functions, the ground floor contains support accommodation and links with the coffee outlet located in the entrance atria, providing a destination store for customers. Punctuated with voids to provide variation in height within the store and to work with the mixed mode natural ventilation strategy, the first-floor plate allows air to rise through the building and out through the north light structures.

Sustainability and limiting environmental impact have been key considerations in the design of the development. The building envelope, site layout, and form are all designed to maximise daylight for the store interior and support low energy passive environmental strategies.

In addition to the carefully selected detailing and orientation of the building to conserve energy, photovoltaic panels are incorporated to the south facing roof pitches to generate energy for use within the building. The energy generated on site by these panels will limit the long term environmental impact of the development.