At Wilson Mason, 3D modelling has been utilised as a design tool for over 90 years, starting with handmade physical models, to now data rich digital environments. Our strategy and process over this time has adapted to continually maximise the benefits of the latest available technology. Wilson Mason now use Building Information Modelling (BIM) in order to maximise stakeholder engagement throughout the lifecycle of each project.

BIM is a shared knowledge resource for creating a computer 3D model of a building project that can be used to design, analyse, build, manage, refurbish and even demolish a building. Over the last decade, BIM has been a key advancement within the architectural, engineering and construction industries. BIM combines all the information about the various components of a building into one design, providing a reliable foundation for decision making and allowing a simpler journey to completion.

Having all the aspects of a project centralised, so that everybody can work from the same model has a number of benefits. We feel this process for generating and managing construction project information is now crucial in order to ensure the planning, design and construction of each project is well managed and clearly communicated to the entire project team. Creating a 3D life-like digital model also reduces risk, detects clashes, improves scheduling, and overall creates a safer construction site with stronger project management.

The practice has undertaken detailed training and research on the protocols and working practices of BIM. Our team is confidently trained to deliver projects to BIM level 2, in line with the 1192 suite of documents.