Botany Greenhouses

The proposal is to construct a new research facility for the University of Manchester, positioned on the footprint of the former 1970’s glasshouse in the University Botanical Research Grounds. The project driver is for a controlled environment horticultural facility for phytobiology research purposes, which was not currently provided on this site.

The historic site occupies a central position within the existing University of Manchester’s Fallowfield development, bequeathed to the University by Sir Joseph Whitworth on his death in 1887.

The new building will contain 14 growing compartments with central core facilities including autoclave, laboratory, prep area and M&E plant installations to support the temperature-controlled Compartments.

The construction of the growing Compartments is a semitransparent polycarbonate sealed structure solution with internal aluminium frame. The remainder of the external envelope is clad in insulated composite panels with sinusoidal sheet, and insulated zinc composite standing seam panels form the roof.

As can be seen, the construction phase of the project is entering its final stages.